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Client's Used Equipment


As a valued customer of All About Bakery Equipment, we do offer to client's who are wanting to sell used equipment an opportunity to advertise on our website "free of charge". All you need to do is email our marketing Co-Ordinator Raquel Mace - and provide the details and photographs.

We provide a photograph of the equipment, together with any relevant infomation and contact details, so that any interested party can contact our client direct.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep details of the equipment and all relevant enquiries should be made in the first instance to the seller direct.

"Click on the image to enlarge for a better view and scroll down for more equipment"

Tan from Tan Hot Bread has the following display cabinets for sale:-

Please phone Tan direct on Ph: 0422 819 678 if you are interested or need more information.

2 Bay Ambient Display Cabinet
2 Bay Refrigerated Display Cabinet with Cash Register Section
1 Bay Hot Display Cabinet

Round Edge

$8,500.00 Negotiable

Richard and Caroline has the following equipment for sale:-

Please phone them direct on Ph: 0421 340 541 if you are interested or need more information.

Refrigerated Food & Cake Display
Model No. SL860V
  • Square
  • 4 Display Tinted Glass Shelves
  • Stainless Steel with Black Trim
  • Underbench Lighting
  • Dimensions: 1800mmL x 710mmW x 1350mmH


James Park from Pradella Developments has the following equipment for sale:-

Please phone David here at All About Bakery Equipment on 07 3889 5700 or 0488 187 500

if you are interested or need more information, as James the owner is currently overseas....

All equipment is in perfect condition and has only been used for 3 months after supply, as they decided to discontinue with the bakery

all equipment, apart from Oven can be "seen and tested" on premises with prior arrangement.

1 x Fully Refurbished Willet Galaxy 16, 3 Deck - 12 Tray Oven

steam jets on all decks, Mk2 Controllers, Oven tiles in all decks

Dimensions: 2220mm x 1185mm x 1820mmH

Serial No. 93111933-16


1 x Fully Refurbished IBE - 2 Bag Spiral Mixer, KL202E

Flour Capacity - 50kg

Fixed Bowl, 2 Speed and bowl reverse

Dimensions: 680mm x 1100mm x 1150mmH

Serial No. KL202E 0603 1291



1 x New IBE -  Planetary Mixer TF20B

includes 2 x s/steel bowls, 1 x beater, whisk and hook

Dimensions: 450mm x 550mm x 820mmH

Serial No. TF20B 1708 2787

Stainless Steel Mixer stand - to suit - $565.00

1 x New IBE Floor Model Sheeter - 650F

comes standard on wheels, with rolling pin and flour tray

Dimensions: 990mm X 2400mm (OPEN) X 113mmH

Serial No. 650F 1708 2796



1 x Refurbished IBE Curl Flow Bread Slicer 11mm/14mm Slice Thickness

Serial No. 0116



20 x 16 Black Steel Trays - BTS325  $500.00
30 x Stainless Steel Cooling Wires 16" X 29"  $800.00

Patrick from Le'Cake at Hendra has the following for sale:-

 Please phone Patrick direct
If you are interested or need further information 07 38682156 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

*  Transport can be organised  *

Carlyle Ultima - 3 Deck, 9 Tray Oven

Stone Floor on all Decks

Steam on all Decks

(never used as an oven - only used for cake production

ONLY 3 years old

Selling in order to purchase a bigger oven

Can be seen in operation

$15,000.00 Negotiable


Wayne from Sweet Crumbs Patisserie has the following equipment for sale:-

Please phone Wayne direct
If you are interested or need further information 0424 477727  between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

*  Transport can be organised  *


Logiudice Forni Fox 10T Oven
Rotating Rack Oven

Takes 400mm x 600mm Trays

Comes with 2 Trolleys & 2 Racks

8 Trays per Trolley (not incl)

Exhaust Hood

As New Condition

$15,000.00 Negotiable


Jim Kingsbury has the following equipment for sale, from his commercial bakery in Karratha:-

Please phone Jim direct
If you are interested or need further information 0419 962696 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

*  Transport can be organised  *

Italian Spiral Mixer CPMTL250

Fixed bowl, 2 speed and bowl reverse

Automatic spiral mixer

Emergency stop button & automatic shut-off with guard up

Discharge left 

Two hand operation when tilting for safety

Bowl inch button to discharge dough

Bowl guid wheels fitted

150kg flour capacity (@ 56% water content)

Spiral tool and bowl speed perfect for artisan/sour doughs

Dimensions 1700 x 2000 x 1750 (W x L x H)

Total 17.5kW

3 Phase 4-pin 32amp Plug top supplied


Sottoriva Bread Plant
- consists of Divider/Rounder/Intermediate Prover/Moulder




Roll Plant
 - consists of Divider/Intermediate Prover/Moulder - capable of producing round and long rolls
Bread Slicer Plant
- consists of Band Slicer/ Bagging/Sealing Unit




Lid-O-Mat travelling oven Large


Craftsman Double Rack Oven


Coolroom and Freezer


 Daub - Semi Automatic Bun Divider, Model DR2-4/30



Versatile Moulder


Pastrymaster Dough break



Sottoriva 80kg Dough Spiral Mixer



Bread Crates/Tins/Trolleys/Racks etc



Large Prover Room
Water Dosing Unit
and more......




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