We work with you from concept to completion

Commercial Bakery Design & Fit Out

Setting up your new bakery is a piece of cake with All About Bakery Equipment

Opening a new bakery or refurbishing your existing shop? We’re specialists in bakery design and fitouts. With a team of bakers by trade, a full suite of leading bakery equipment, and a team of fitout professionals experienced in maximising workflow and efficiency in your bakery, you can count on us to create the perfect bakery for you.

All the right ingredients for the perfect bakery

Site Visit

We’ll come out to see the space we’re working with and measure it all up – floors, ceilings – everything.

Get to know you

How do you bake? What does your workflow look like? We want to design a bakery that works for you and makes baking seamless.

Council Regulations

Everything is considered – from health & safety requirements to back of house fixtures – we make sure your bakery passes council regulations.

Plans & Drawings

We’ll create basic plans in the concept phase and have a draftsperson available to create detailed drawings once you’ve accepted our quote.


Not only can we supply the best equipment, but our bakers can recommend the right equipment for your baking needs.


Your bakery fitout is the last step before you get to launch your brand new bakery, designed for you and your baking process.

Speak with a baker who understands your needs

Our project management saves you time, money & headaches

Taking on a bakery fitout on your own can be tough. There are council hoops to jump through, scheduling nightmares, and the hassle of finding the right professionals. Our Bakery by Design service takes it all off your hands.

We’ll manage the entire project, coordinating design, council approvals, construction, equipment, and anything else necessary to pull off the perfect bakery fitout for you.

We'll even help you negotiate your lease

We really care about our customers. As bakers by trade, who’ve been in the industry for decades now, we know exactly what to look out for. And lease negotiations? They’re a big one. A lot of shop owners don’t realise that your rent can be negotiated and your landlord can be asked to contribute to the cost of your fitout. 

If you come to us before you sign your lease, we’ll act as the middleman and negotiate these figures on your behalf. 

Financing your bakery is easy as pie

We want to deliver the very best bakery fitouts to our clients but we know building the best bakery is an investment. Our industry partnerships allow us to help you secure finance for your bakery. You can get the best for your bakery now, and pay it off as it starts winning that bread.

When it comes to bakery design, we take the cake. Here's why.

Custom bakeries, designed for you

The perfect bakery design depends on the baker. We learn all about your process so we can create a logical layout and design that supports exactly how you bake.

We're in your corner

We're here to help you achieve the best fitout for your bakery. From lease negotiations to communicating with trades, we're always acting in your best interest.

The very best equipment

The best part of our Bakery by Design service is that we supply industry-leading equipment for its purpose-built space. Your bakery will be fit out with the best.

Our sales team are bakers by trade

With qualified bakers on our team, we always have the right expertise to lean on as we make recommendations and plan your bakery.