SilverChef and All About Bakery Equipment

SilverChef & All About Bakery Equipment partner to help bakery businesses achieve their dreams. SilverChef offer two finance options to suit every customer – Lease to Keep & Rent-Try-Buy.


If you’re looking to finance equipment of $10,000 and over, Lease-to-Keep provides a straightforward way to spread the cost and manage cashflow. Monthly lease payments are spread over four years and at the end of the term, the equipment is all yours. Simple.


This unique equipment finance product lets you rent your chosen bakery equipment for a minimum 12-month term, with flexible options.

During your 12-month term

Low monthly rental payments help with cashflow, while the equipment generates income that can help pay for itself.

After your minimum 12-month term you can:

Fast approvals

Customers can get approved for up to $65,000 in as little as 10 minutes, in our dealership today. Simply bring your photo ID, ABN and proof of business address with you. SilverChef will also approve higher amounts subject to satisfactory additional checks.

Important Notes about Rental Agreement:

  1. The rental payments are 100% tax deductible
  2. You can upgrade or buy the equipment at any time during the 12 month term
  3. Receive a 75% net rental rebate if you choose to buy the equipment
  4. Continue renting or return the equipment after 12 months